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Between the Streams is your guide to all of the hottest, most important, and (of course) dumbest new developments in streaming and entertainment to recap the week that was. Hosted by Greg Nibler and Ryan Waniata.
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Sep 16, 2016
  • MAN OF STEEL 2: Man of Steel has largely been claimed as the best DC movie to date and we finally have confirmation that a 2nd one is on the way. We delve into the DC Schedule of films, which include Batman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn.
  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE PREVIEW: Snowden with Joseph Gordon-Levitt is garnering some middling reviews, but looks like it could be solid. It joins Blair Witch and The Beetles documentary Eight Days A Week.
  • REBOOT RECAP: Reboots and Remakes are all the rage and we give you a preview of some that are coming up soon, including MacGyver; Lethal Weapon; Gilmore Girls; Prison Break and 24 Legacy.
  • DR. STRANGE GETS STRANGER: A new featurette has been released, showcasing the parallel dimensions he encounters.
  • ESPN TO AIR DRONE RACING LEAGUE: Competitive Drone Racers not only have their own league, but now their own 10 episode show on ESPN.
  • TUPAC: ALL EYEZ ON ME: A new biopic about Tupac Shakur, starring Demetrius Shipp, Jr. has just released a trailer. It looks violent, gritty and entertaining.
  • EMMY PREDICTIONS: Ryan gives his predictions for the major categories for this weekend's Emmy Awards. Will he be correct? Comment and let him know!
Sep 9, 2016
  • ATLANTA ON FX: Starring and Created by Donald Glover, Atlanta is a riveting new comedy/drama from FX. The series is based around Glover's character "Earn" as he tries to manage his cousin Paper Boi's burgeoning rap career.
  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE PREVIEW: It's pretty slim this week, but Sully definitely looks like it will deliver a classic Tom Hanks performance. Also, a very strange musical featuring Tom Hardy, called London Road.
  • TUPAC/BIGGIE MOVIE FEATURING JOHNNY DEPP: The movie will be called LAbyrinth and will be based on the book by Randall Sullivan.
  • RUMOR CONTROL: We tackle the rumored payout of $150 million for Daniel Craig to appear in two more Bond movies and the strange saga of Angela Lansbury possible cameo on Game Of Thrones.
  • NETFLIX RENEWALS AND NEW SERIES: Most of us haven't even finished Season 2, but Netflix has already renewed Narcos for a 3rd and 4th Season. Where do they plan to take this series? Also, a new docu-series on the famed murder mystery revolving around Amanda Knox.
  • BETTER THINGS ON FX: Fans of Louis will be excited about this new Louis CK co-produced series starring Pamela Adlon. 
  • BATMAN, DEATHSTROKE AND DEADPOOL: The villain for the new Ben Affleck Batman movie appears to have been cast. Joe Manganiello is set to take on the role of the villain that inspired Deadpool.
  • MARVEL UPDATES: MS. MARVEL, DR. STRANGE, SQUIRREL GIRL: We have some more looks and speculation regarding Dr. Strange and its changing release date. Ms. Marvel may be primed to add some diversity to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Squirrel Girl and her bizarre power may be getting a television show.
Sep 3, 2016
  • BREAKING MARVEL NEWS: It turns out Avengers "Infinity" will NOT be an Avengers reunion. The new deleted scenes also reveal a possible foreshadowing of what is to happen to Captain America.
  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE PREVIEW: The Light Between Oceans will satisfy the romance category; Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp cast their daugthers in Yoga Hosers; Artificial Intelligence hits the big screen with Morgan, complete with a Watson-created trailer.
  • WEST WORLD BEGINS TO TAKE SHAPE: HBO is giving us more of a look into the adult theme park that the upcoming series takes place in. AI is the theme and it looks like we may see things from their perspective.
  • GENE WILDER TRIBUTE: We take a look back at Gene Wilder's incredible career and discuss some of our favorite moments.
  • STRANGER THINGS 2 TRAILER: We've learned the possible titles of the episodes in the upcoming season. Plus, new characters are added, complete with back stories.
  • STAR TREK to STAR WARS: Star Trek: Discovery will have a "Number One" unlike any other. Star Wars: Rogue One will welcome the return of one villain and the absence of another.
  • GLOW COMING TO NETFLIX: Marc Maron and Alison Brie join the cast of the upcoming series about an 80's Women's wrestling league.
  • CHRISTOPHER GUEST MOCKUMENTARIES: The first trailer for Mascots is out and it looks incredible. Our Between The Cracks for this week is Waiting For Guffman.
Aug 26, 2016
  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE PREVIEW: Don't Breathe seems to be offering something a little different as a combination horror/thriller, Mechanic Resurrection offers more Jason Statham, Southside With You gives a look at Barack and Michelle Obama's first date.
  • COMIC BOOK MOVIES: DC Comics continues expanding their cinematic universe, with the announcement of a Dark Universe film, helmed by Doug Liman. With John Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna and a slew of new characters, it looks to take DC even darker. Also, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 releases a new poster and we find out a little more about the next Avengers movie.
  • BETWEEN THE CRACKS: Home Movies and Dr. Katz
  • HORROR CORNER: Blair Witch gets a "sequel" that looks a lot like the original and The Ring goes digital.
  • NARCOS SEASON 2: A new trailer release reveals a very bloody battle ahead.
  • GOPRO THE FOURTH PHASE: GoPro may take the reigns of Warren Miller-type films, with a stunning Snowboard movie.
Aug 19, 2016

BREAKING MARVEL NEWS: A new poster is out for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and more details about casting, including his new leading lady being Zendaya, Marvel gets another series off the ground with The Runaways on Hulu, and Kyle Chandler may join Deadpool 2.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE PREVIEW: Ryan gives us an inside look into Laika Studios and the stellar new movie Kubo and the Two Strings. Ben Hur looks lackluster and the reviews confirm it. War Dogs and Imperium also debut this weekend.

Star Trek Discovery reveals more, The Arrival trailer brings a different kind of alien movie, Jared Leto joins Blade Runner, a possible The Big Lebowski spin-off, a review of HBO's Vice Principals and Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly team up for Holmes & Watson.

Aug 12, 2016

The new Rogue One trailer dropped, giving us another look at the new ships and the first appearance of Darth Vader. The Box Office is getting stellar reviews this weekend with Sausage Party, Pete's Dragon, Hell or High Water, Florence Foster Jenkins and Mel Gibson returns with Blood Father! In reboots/remakes, a new The Crow, Ghostbusters sequel may be out, all-female Oceans 8 and TNT announces a horror block headlined by Tales from the Crypt. Our Between The Cracks is The Explorers.

Aug 5, 2016

Suicide Squad reviews are coming and the verdict is mixed at best. What does this mean for the DC Universe? Weekend Box Office options include Sun Choke and The Little Prince. Fantastic Beasts already has a sequel in the works, as well as Stranger Things, Another Period is our Between The Cracks. Star Wars Rogue One release new photos and there are rumors of a Star Wars TV show on ABC.

Jul 29, 2016

Jason Bourne returns...again, Bad Moms, Nerve, Young Han Solo getting 3 movies?, Peep Show gets a US version, Wonder Woman looks great, Justice League with Aquaman, American Horror Story Season 6 promos and speculation, Netflix Renews EVERYTHING, Beat Bugs, Between The Cracks: Black Mirror

Jul 22, 2016

Star Trek Beyond is premiering this weekend to stellar reviews, Lights Out feature film, Don't Think Twice improv comedy, Ice Age makes a million movies, Finding Dory breaking records, Stranger Things sequel, VCRs no longer being made, Comic Con preview, Luke Cage and Iron Fist trailers look fantastic, The Defenders, Walking Dead getting old, Ironfisting Romanian Buddy Cop series, XXX returns

Jul 16, 2016

Rogue One releases a new sizzle reel, Weekend Box Office Review with Ghostbusters getting good reviews, The Infiltrator brings ANOTHER Pablo Escobar tv/film to screen, Black Coat's Daughter, Cafe Society from Woody Allen, Emmy nods and snubs with Stephen Colbert, James Corden, The Night Manager, The Americans, Marco Polo Season 2 review, Stranger Things debuts on Netflix, Between The Cracks: Difficult People and a Pokemon Movie in the works.

Jul 8, 2016

GUEST: ASIF ALI from Wrecked, plus Weekend Box Office preview with Captain Fantastic, The Secret Life Of Pets, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Alien Covenant, Star Trek, Lego Movie 2, Wrecked

Jul 2, 2016

Tarzan is off to less-than-stellar reviews, BFG looks good, but what does "F" stand for?, Stranger Things from Netflix brings back 80s nostalgia, Why Him is a new comedy with a great cast, Video Game Movies are the new thing, with a Tetris trilogy and Minecraft movies in the works, Ninjago lego movie is a go and Ray Donovan is our Between The Cracks.

Jun 25, 2016

Darth Vader is officially appearing in Star Wars: Rogue One, Brexit will NOT effect Game of Thrones, Finding Dory review, Westworld Preview of Robots and Cowboys, Inferno trailer, Independence Day: Resurgence reviews are in, Between The Cracks: Hunt for the Wilderpeople, What We Do In The Shadows, We're Wolves

Jun 16, 2016

Curb Your Enthusiasm gets the green light for Season 9, Finding Dory is hitting theaters this weekend, Star Wars has introduced a terrible sounding cologne, Commercials in your shows, Narcos 2, Marco Polo 2 and OitnB 4, Between The Cracks: ESPN 30 for 30, Roadies Review, Highlight: Dynamite Girl with Maria Bamford.

Jun 10, 2016

The Conjuring 2 is hitting theaters, Warcraft is breaking records, Battlestar Galactica is getting a movie, AI algorithm writes a bizarre movie, Splash is getting a remake, Return of Voltron, Stranger Things preview and Between The Cracks with Community.

Jun 3, 2016

We had special guest Eliza Skinner on today! We talked about Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Rogue One, Too Many Sequels and the GLOW Wrestling.

May 28, 2016

We discuss the latest James Bond casting news, the debut of The Preacher, X-Men reviews, a preview of Thor: Ragnarok, Peaky Blinders and much more.

May 20, 2016

We discuss the departure of Daniel Craig and who could replace him. Plus, there is a new Star Trek series, with a unique take, a preview of Nice Guys and the many reboots happening now, such as MacGyver, Training Day and much more.

May 13, 2016

Between The Streams with Greg Nibler and Ryan Waniata, we talk about The Wolverine being Rated R, American Horror Story Season 6 Rumors, Slender Man, The Neon Demon and Party Down!

May 6, 2016

Ryan gives us a spoiler-free review of Captain America: Civil War, the casting decision has been made for Han Solo, Universals "Monster-universe" attempts, World of Warcraft Movies and YouTube/Hulu live-streaming television begins to take shape. LEEEERROOOOYYYYYY JEEENNNNNKKIIIINNSSS!

Apr 29, 2016

We choose sides for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War battle, talk about the Punisher series news, Comcast acquires Dreamworks, Snowden trailer, Between The Cracks: Search Party, Highlight of the Week: Keanu

Apr 23, 2016

We go in depth with Game of Thrones this week, talking about the new season and giving our theories on what could be happening. Plus, it's a huge week for HBO and we tell you about the Best, Worst movie, since The Room.

Apr 15, 2016

On this episode of Between The Streams, we break down the new Dr. Strange trailer, a Captain America preview, a proposal to allow phones in theaters, Star Wars returns to the big screen and news about Indiana Jones 5

Apr 9, 2016

Star Wars Rogue One trailer recap and closer look, What's a Bothan?, Mon Mothma, Will Vader make an appearance, Hardcore Henry, Game Of Thrones Jon Snow theories, The Ranch review, Everybody Wants Some, Richard Linklater, Dazed and Confused, Twitter to Stream NFL, Between The Cracks: The Path

Apr 1, 2016

On this episode we cover Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Vice Principals, William Shatner's Son, Trailer Park Boys and Lights Out

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