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Between the Streams is your guide to all of the hottest, most important, and (of course) dumbest new developments in streaming and entertainment to recap the week that was. Hosted by Greg Nibler and Ryan Waniata.
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May 26, 2017

Top Gun 2; Pirates of the Caribbean; Baywatch; The Jetsons; Charlie's Angels; Star Wars: The Last Jedi; Universal's Dark Universe; War Machine; Game of Thrones; Veep and Silicon Valley; X-Men New Mutants; Ellen Degeneres; Castlevania; Bloodline

  • TOP GUN 2 IS HAPPENING. IS THIS A GOOD, OR BAD IDEA?: Tom Cruise confirmed it, we are getting a sequel to Top Gun. This time, it will have something to do with drones. Are you on board, or should this be a big no?

  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Pirates of the Caribbean 19: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Baywatch are the biggest new releases in the theater this weekend.

  • REBOOT RECAP: The Jetsons has been confirmed by Warner Bros. for a big screen adaptation. Also, Charlie's Angels is coming back, with Elizabeth Banks directing.

  • STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI: Benicio Del Toro's mystery character and Laura Dern both had set pictures released this week.

  • UNIVERSAL'S DARK UNIVERSE: The upcoming The Mummy movie will be the first in a series of monster movies, released by Universal. Among the actors, Johnny Depp will play The Invisible Man and Javier Bardem will be Frankenstein's monster.

  • WAR MACHINE: The farcical war movie is out this weekend on Netflix, with Brad Pitt playing a surly officer.

  • GAME OF THRONES: The latest trailer showcases each side of the impending wars, all as Winter is Coming.

  • VEEP AND SILICON VALLEY GET NEW SEASONS: HBO renewed both of the hit comedies, however Silicon Valley will be continuing on with the departing TJ Miller.

  • X-MEN NEW MUTANTS: The spin-off will be released in 2018 with a different twist; it will be a horror movie.

  • ELLEN DEGENERES: Netflix bought the rights to her first stand up special in 15 years, for a reported $40 million!

  • CASTLEVANIA: The classic video game is finally coming to Netflix as an animated series.

  • BLOODLINE SEASON 3: Greg provides a spoiler-free review of the series and season 3 in particular.
May 20, 2017

What Sitcom would you like to see revived?; Alien Covenant; Wakefield; Ridley Scott TNT; Orville; Aquaman; Viper; Okja; Arrested Development; Roseanne; X-Men The Gifted; Witcher; The Dark Crystal; Twin Peaks

  • WHAT SITCOM WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE REVIVED?: In the wake of Roseanne getting another run, we ask the important question of what other series should get the same treatment.

  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Alien Covenant finally hits theaters and an interesting new movie called Wakefield with Bryan Cranston.

  • RIDLEY SCOTT TO DEVELOP FOR TNT: He is signed on to develop a block of programming, including an hour-long series and some shorter programs.

  • ORVILLE: Seth MacFarlane created and stars in a new spoof of Star Trek series.

  • NEW AQUAMAN: We get our first look at Amber Heard in her costume for the upcoming Aquaman Movie.

  • VIPER GETS AN ACTOR: In a swift move, Sony announces that Tom Hardy will in fact be the new Viper.

  • OKJA: A new Netflix movie will star Tilda Swinton and....a CGI Pig/Hippo/Dog/Monster thing.

  • ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT:Season 5 is officially on, per Jason Bateman and this one will be a marked change from Season 4.

  • X-MEN SPINOFF GIFTED: A trailer was released for the upcoming X-Men television series and it's a little.....well it looks rather plain.

  • WITCHER SERIES: The popular Easter European book and video game series is coming to Netflix as a television series.

  • THE DARK CRYSTAL: One of the most exciting series in a while, Jim Henson Studios is bringing a prequel series to Netflix!

  • TWIN PEAKS: After over 25 years off the air, the strange people of Twin Peaks return, this time to Showtime.



May 12, 2017

What is the greatest SNL impression ever?; Weekend Box Office: King Arthur, Snatched, Lowriders; Bladerunner 2049; Alien Convenant; Stranger Things 2; IT; Deadpool animated; Hellboy; Black Lightning; GOT meets X-Men; Jackie Chan and Sylvester Stallone

  • WHAT IS THE GREATEST IMPRESSION ON SNL EVER?: With Melissa McCarthy set to host SNL this weekend, we attempt to tackle a question for which there is no correct answer.

  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: King Arthur gets Guy Ritchie'd, Snatched w/ Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn and Lowriders.

  • BLADERUNNER 2049: Beautifully shot, this sequel to 1982's Bladerunner is starting to look incredible.

  • ALIEN COVENANT: The marketing machine for this movie has been running at full speed for months, but the time is almost upon us. The director gave some insight into why the Xenomorph features prominently.

  • STRANGER THINGS 2: Some hints from the set are leaking out, including details about Will and even news about Season 3.

  • IT: Another trailer is out and another terrifying view of Pennywise, as the kids venture into the sewer.

  • DEADPOOL ANIMATED SERIES: Donald Glover and his brother Stephen are bringing a 10-episode animated series of the Merc with the Mouth to FXX.

  • HELLBOY: It's not going to be a sequel, but it does appear Hellboy is returning to the big screen. The rumor is that David Harbour will be playing the demon.

  • BLACK LIGHTNING: DC is continuing to bring series to CW, with the lesser known superhero Black Lightning.

  • GOT MEETS X-MEN: Massie Williams is joining Sophie Turner by becoming a mutant in a new film about New Mutants. She'll be playing Wolfsbane, while Anya Taylor-Joy is playing Magik.

  • JACKIE CHAN and SYLVESTER STALLONE: Apparently these two have never teamed up for a movie before, bu that is about to end. It will be called Ex-Baghdad and is of course an action thriller.



May 6, 2017

What TV Series have lasted longer than they should?; Star Wars Machete modified; Weekend Box Office: GOTG 2, Chuck; The Dark Tower; The Defenders; The Housemaid's Tale; House of Cards; The Outlaw King; Godzilla vs. King Kong; Devito & Goldblum; Gears of War movie; The Happytime Murders

  • WHAT TV SERIES WENT ON LONGER THAN IT SHOULD HAVE? It seems to be a common occurrence. A show has a great season or two and then decides to keep pushing the show to a much longer run than needed.

  • STAR WARS MACHETE - MODIFIED: By now a lot of people are aware of the "Machete" method of watching Star Wars, as IV, V, II, III, VI. However, DT has come up with a whole new list.

  • WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 looks dominate and Ryan provides a spoiler-free review. Chuck also looks very interesting, telling the true origin story of Rocky.

  • THE DARK TOWER: We'll break down the trailer, speculate as to where it sits in relation to the books and fill you in on some Easter Eggs hidden within it.

  • THE DEFENDERS: All four of Marvel's Netflix superheros are in action together for the first time.

  • THE HANDMAID'S TALE: Set in a not-so-distant, dystopian future, this series deals with some very heavy topics. However, the acting and writing is truly phenomenal.

  • HOUSE OF CARDS SEASON 5: This was the precipice for our overall question today. We'll debate whether a Season 5 of House of Cards was necessary. (or 3...or 4...)

  • THE OUTLAW KING: Fans of historical biopics will be excited to see this story of Robert the Bruce of Scotland come to life. Chris Pine and Ben Foster are also set to star.

  • GODZILLA VS. KING KONG: We finally have a date and schedule for the release of the next movies, culminating in the epic showdown between these two monsters.

  • DEVITO & GOLDBLUM: These two legends are teaming up for a future comedy series from Amazon and we could not be more excited.

  • GEARS OF WAR MOVIE: The person behind writing the next 4 sequels to Avatar, will be penning the script for Gears of War. Do we need another video game movie?

  • THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS: Melissa McCarthy, Jim Henson Studios, Muppets, the seedy underbelly of LA and series of puppet murders. Nothing more needs to be said, except we're ready to watch.